As you can see, I found the Pavucontrol sliders. As far as I know, the 2i2 has partially broken firmware making it not really USB audio class compliant device. I read some people were using this with some success, but I can only get it to playback and not capture from my mixer or guitar connected to the inputs. Has anyone come across this? Unpack, download the software there is no included CD , plug in your phonograph in my case a Dual , and start recording.

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I use Audacity software for that, and it works like a champ – I recommend it for everyone.

U-PHONO UFO202 Reviews

I have been using it for the last week and have had no problems with the device itself. I have to plug it after boot. Still not getting any capture devices in alsamixer though, nothing in qjackctl either. The audioengine is currently running at Hz. It started doing it this weekend after I install Who is online Users browsing this forum: I tried a few more things and it’s good to go so good for that. I have an a Behringer uca, and I’d like to record some guitar stuff through audacity, but I cannot.

Soundcard resources for Linux DJs

I’ve tested this with multiple live sessions of distros with different kernels and am now getting the same behavior with all of them Only work when I plug it in after system startup Tried so far: Thanks Just17, you da man, I wouldn’t have thought of going back lknux looking again. There were a number of issues to work through linud my computer and audio equipment, but no problems at all with the UFO device.


The recording volume from the UFO is a bit low for direct playback. As a result, the UFO gives some constant noise but cannot be controlled by the mixer. With pulseaudio I haven’t any uof202, so I’d disabled it. I have tried this with three If you want to save your cassettes or others than this is truly the least expensive and most simple excellent investment to convert everything and put them onto CD’s.

Play with the volume dial for quality. That worked at first, but fairly soon the connection degraded so the sound quality was poor.

I read some people were using this with some success, but I can only get it to playback and not capture from my mixer or guitar connected to the inputs. I have an old tascam mixer I am running it through and out of the tape outs or the line outs into the uca, and I also tried going directly in to the card with no luck.

I did read all the reviews about this item and then, despite the “negative” ones, I decided that, for its price, it was worth trying. Doesn’t show up in lsusb as well. My first idea was there had been some regression in the kernel related to this, but I hadn’t yet chance to test other kernels than the stock which came with I happened to find an another 2i2 from office, and now tested it at home. I wont be using it for recording because I already own a better phono pre-amp and line converter to USB.


[Solved] USB Audio Codec / Audacity / KDE 64bit – No level controls

I suggest you use a music-oriented distribution. If the headphones are out of the onboard card, the Scarlett shows up and works. The issues are, one, that you have to purchase connector cables for your cassette deck separately, and, two, although it comes with audacity to record and convert your music to mp3s, you have to plug in a LAME, and only LAME encoder in order to convert to mp3s. I’m using the UCAdevice, and sound is good or better as I would await it from a euro-part.

It may be a device specific kernel thing. I just plugged it in and it just worked. Don’t hesitate to use a different wire. From what I’ve heard, it works fine in ubuntu under “class compliant mode”.

This makes me a little bit wondering!? I have a very recent kernel and at least no longer keyboard problems when attaching a 1. Definitely different USB ports were tested, but I couldn’t deduct that from this log.